Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello-o-o-o.... Anybody home?

I'm still here and have been trying to blog for the last 5 days. I usually post in the evening and each time I sat down to start, thunderstorms and/or tornado warnings were in effect. That's a definite puter shutdown!

Then I got bright (hmmm) and tried in the afternoon. Just one little blob out there to the west--no problem. Well, that turned bright red (on the radar) just before it got to us. Always remember that bright red in nature means danger! Another whopper, but what a lightening show...

Then, last night, just before the ritual began AGAIN, I found a message from Katie on my g-mail (which I admit I am really bad about checking) and absolutely promised I would blog today. And Theri reminds me every night! Maybe that's all it took? No clouds, no warnings, and even the humidity (yucky stuff) is relenting.

This is certainly my month for packages! Plenty of stuff I've ordered, but that comes on another blog that I can blame Joanne & Katie for... A BIG box from Theri--and that's another blog. So now it's time to show my swap blocks (took long enough for me to get here, right?):

First package opened: the beautiful blue blocks from Canuck Quilter. Aren't they lovely?
Even better if I could line them up squarely! I thought of her the other day when another lady in the quilt shop was having a stack of blue batiks cut; I'm guessing she's starting "Outside the Box" from the August issue of APQ. Have you seen that one Joanne? You said you were thinking of blues again since you've used your stash on all of us!

Second package: a wonderful assortment from Katie. Obviously, the blocks are great! I am absolutely sure that I never mentioned the 2 years I had a frog in my fish pond, but that's what is on my scissor fob. And the fabric inside the flower petal pin holder is a baby chick...a perfect reminder of my chicken wall hanging. AND, as a special thanks for the dollie quilt fabric, she sent a Soul Mates charm pack pattern for a wall hanging or table topper. There are 2 blue birds in the center! Is she good, or what? Oops, forgot to add the wrapper for the Ghirardelli chocolate bar!

Next came Ruth's blocks. Don't you love the variety and contrast in these blocks?! The tissue holder is great for my purse and the bookmark is already in use (so it's not in the picture). Loved the postcard from Arches National Park--wow! Certainly different from my memories of taking the children skiing in Alta when they were little. Just goes to show how diverse and magnificent our states can be! I was late mailing Ruth's package---she almost beat me. But hopefully she will have surprises when she gets home!

Beth's blocks came the same day as Ruth's package. The little heart opens to make a full circle for needles. What a cute idea! And how did she know that I am forever sticking my current needle thru the edge of my cross stitch and hoping that I don't drop it somewhere?

Thanks to all of you! All of the packages are like a birthday or Christmas in June...



  1. Growing up in Illinois, I remember all those fierce thunderstorms and tornado warnings. My mother was deathly afraid and spent a lot of time in the south west corner of the basement in the spring and summer. :)

  2. When you told the story of the chicks you and your brother got for Easter, I giggled. Then I started looking through my stash for fabrics for pincushions. I truly laughed out loud when I found the chicks (okay, it was kind of a devious little giggle...). I've been DYING to send the pincushion to you since I found the fabric! And the bluebirds - I had to go to two quilt shops to find something extra to tuck in (I tried to go a third, but couldn't find it...), but when I found that, I just knew I was done looking and it was worth the trip. (Yeah, twist my arm to go to a quilt shop...)

    I'm glad you're "back". Packages in the mail ARE lots of fun - it kinda makes me sad my turn is already over. (Maybe we'll have to do this again!)

  3. Aren't the packages fun? Mine is on the way. We used to sit outside on the back porch when I was a kid in New Jersey and watch the heat lightening on hot summer nights. It was a great fireworks display to us.


  4. We have been having a lot of stormy weather here too! Today was a beautiful, sunny day. Hope that hangs around for a while.
    All your goodies look like fun!

  5. Seems like the weather has been crazy everywhere this year, and some areas have really been hit hard, multiple times, such as Okla.City! Tragedies of all kinds, everywhere!
    BUT --- sounds like you have been experiencing Christmas in June this week! What fun! ---"Love"

  6. I know what you mean about the red on the waether radar. Our friends laugh and say they can tell we're not native mid-westerners because we actually head to the basement when the weather radio tells us to. We've been mostly spared this year, with everything going just a touch north or just a touch south of us. I'm hoping the luck holds out at least two more weeks so the kids can have uneventful Girl Scout and Boy Scout camps... -Joanne