Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Surprises all around

Last Friday we had errands to run...and I especially wanted to get the swap blocks out to Lisa and Katie. You know that last minute rush when hubby and doggie are standing at the back door waiting?

I had also checked e-mails because I had three items ordered for our granddaughter's birthday. One was due that day...

Imagine my surprise when I got home and there were two packages!

A package from Marsha? My first thought was that she must be sending all her blocks out at once...oh! dear. If everyone in the group started doing this, I would really be in trouble!

I absolutely could not believe my eyes! Do I look like a happy camper, or what? Several of you had said that you would keep looking, but I really didn't think it would happen.

So Marsha apparently decided to surprise me the same way I surprised Katie. Kept me grinning most of the week-end! Thanks again, Marsha! (I have been really good so far and haven't rushed out to get fabric). But I got a new flyer today...

While reading Katie's posting, it occurred to me that some of you might like to see some BOM's that I ran across. Sindy Rodenmayer of Garland, TX has some free patterns that might make good use of our scrap piles.

Christmas Row by Row is a charmer, isn't it?

Think of all the greens and browns that we could use up!

I can't decide which row I like best?!

Snowmen, reindeer, penguins....

Just think of those scraps disappearing!

Chocolate Stars doesn't have to be browns.

Look at all the star shapes to practice on...

Don't I remember "Love" saying that she loved stars?

Just think of all the multi-colored possibilities?

And last, but not least, is Pinwheel Sampler.

This one, I am almost positive, is calling out to Christine and Katie!

Hey Beth! More BOM's!

Now that I've teased you, I'll point you to Fat Cat Patterns!

You can start downloading directions now...


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The end of an era

I think we put the pool in the garden on Mother's Day in 1996. Dave and Theri were both still living north of Chicago and if I remember correctly, Dave did most of the digging. We started with six fifty cent goldfish and one died within a couple of days. But the rest flourished and multiplied...

This picture is from about 2002 and we had about four generations of goldfish. Looks a little crowded, doesn't it? I think our highest count was a total of 23 fish. This is only one end of the pool...it really wasn't this crowded.

Over the years, the population had dwindled down to thirteen and everybody always asked about the fish. The pool was located outside the large kitchen window, so friends always enjoyed watching while we had coffee and visited.

And the grandchildren always rushed to the pool to feed the fish when they came to visit.

The large fish were so tame at this point that Henry and Aimee could pet them.

Last summer a raccoon took nine of the fish before we were able to create a grid to protect them.

Today we found that the raccoon had come and finished the job. Sad to see them go, but somewhat relieved that I don't have to ask neighbors to check the water level or worse, clean the filter while we're away.

When we discovered a "water only" pool this morning, I agreed with my husband that we would NOT put more fish in the pool and it seemed silly to maintain the pool. He got busy and got the liner out really fast! Do you think he worried I'd change my mind?

So now I'll just wait and visit Theri and her garden pool in Texas!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

She doesn't even say hello!

Finally, here are my blocks! When Theri gets home from work and calls home, she doesn't even say "hello".

"Where are your blocks?!"

And she's already got next month's blocks done. Give me a break--I'm retired!

Don't let the salmon color scare you--it looks incredibly orange here, doesn't it?

The four light squares are not written on yet. I picked up a Pigma Micron 05 and a Faber Castell fine pen at Hobby Lobby today, so I should soon be set.

Love the "button" you chose for the March
winners, Ann. You must have access to some really great graphics.

Congrats to Lisa and Katie! Good thing I chose purple in my blocks for Katie, huh?

The left design wall was empty the other day from finishing Henry's quilt. You can see that it is filling with "scrappies". Some of you may recognize the upper blocks from the last APQ days. I may have stared at them too long, as I am wavering now.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Bummer...or why I almost never bid

Okay...so do we all remember the story of the chicken quilt (wallhanging)? Whoever would have thought that would strike a chord with so many? But then there is the sibling thing too!

Well, last week Marsha e-mailed and sent me a link to ebay. Wow! There it was: the original instructions to The Early Bird Quilt. Whoopee! The seller was obviously cleaning up (or out) and had/has a huge assortment of patterns. Alright... I am on a roll now! I bid twice and was immediately concerned: someone outbid me that fast?! My previous experience with ebay was a "Bid now" price and the item was mine.

Thinking of Liri when I saw some redwork items, I e-mailed her right away. Boy! Aren't cyber quilt friends great? And Liri had me thank Marsha too!

I watched the days go by and raised my bid a little each day. Yesterday afternoon I received this notice:

Someone outbid you; sorry you didn't win this time.

Hi Mary,
We're sorry you didn't win this time around. While this one got away, there's other stuff to find. Don't give up.
Quilt Pattern EARLY BIRD QUILT  1982
Quilt Pattern EARLY BIRD QUILT 1982
Sale price:$26.65
Your maximum bid:$15.00

Now mind you, my $15 bid was probably double what I paid back in the 80's. But $26.65?! Turns out there were 3 bidders besides me. So I will wait longer and maybe the chance will come along again. $26.65? For that price, I normally get a whole book.