Thursday, March 4, 2010

She doesn't even say hello!

Finally, here are my blocks! When Theri gets home from work and calls home, she doesn't even say "hello".

"Where are your blocks?!"

And she's already got next month's blocks done. Give me a break--I'm retired!

Don't let the salmon color scare you--it looks incredibly orange here, doesn't it?

The four light squares are not written on yet. I picked up a Pigma Micron 05 and a Faber Castell fine pen at Hobby Lobby today, so I should soon be set.

Love the "button" you chose for the March
winners, Ann. You must have access to some really great graphics.

Congrats to Lisa and Katie! Good thing I chose purple in my blocks for Katie, huh?

The left design wall was empty the other day from finishing Henry's quilt. You can see that it is filling with "scrappies". Some of you may recognize the upper blocks from the last APQ days. I may have stared at them too long, as I am wavering now.



  1. Purple and salmon pink go just fine together. Okay, maybe not "fine" but in a scrap quilt, it's all good. Yay purple! (Would you believe that NONE of the blocks I've made have purple in them? I just don't buy that much of it because everyone else is scared of it!)

  2. Your blocks look great. I like your colors.
    This will be a fun quilt to put together.

  3. I like all of your blocks, the stars and the swap blocks. Those are great colors!

    And yep, I found the same fabric for my quilt boo-boo! It's only been a couple of weeks since I bought the original so I was confident I could get more. I was just really disappointed I had put in the time to follow the templates and they wern't that good. Oh well, I'm working on it again and that's what counts.

  4. Oh I love both your APQ blocks and the other scrappy blocks. Man you can't get away with not getting your blocks done! hehe. Let me know how you like the pens. I went to AC Moore today looking (AFTER calling to ask if they have Pigma pens and I was told they did) and they didn't have them. They had the Micron pens, but I was just annoyed so I went to my LQS. :) Christine

  5. Right, like the retired person shouldn't get her blocks done before the person who still has to go to work! Nice try! Beautiful blocks, though, both sets. I think I am going to add your scrap blocks to my UFO list, but if it doesn't excite you right now you could always go back to that paper pieced quilt! Theri

  6. Kids! Don't they just wort you to death? *grin* My son does the same thing to me! I'm retired too, and yet he calls me every morning at seven! (I hardly ever get up then! *frown*)
    Your swap blocks, too, are simply beautiful! And I love those APQ blocks! I love stars of most any kind, but those are spectacular! ---"Love"

  7. Fantastic blocks Mary - both sets!. Theri is just making up for all the times you told her to get out of bed for school, tidy her room and do her homework. I really like the star blocks on your design wall. I think you should keep at them, they are going to make a fabulous quilt. Thanks for the compliments about the graphic. Much appreciated. Happy Stitching, Ann :-)

  8. Oooh, I love your blocks, the stars as well as the swaps. All those colours just ooze energy! -Joanne