Monday, March 1, 2010

Bummer...or why I almost never bid do we all remember the story of the chicken quilt (wallhanging)? Whoever would have thought that would strike a chord with so many? But then there is the sibling thing too!

Well, last week Marsha e-mailed and sent me a link to ebay. Wow! There it was: the original instructions to The Early Bird Quilt. Whoopee! The seller was obviously cleaning up (or out) and had/has a huge assortment of patterns. Alright... I am on a roll now! I bid twice and was immediately concerned: someone outbid me that fast?! My previous experience with ebay was a "Bid now" price and the item was mine.

Thinking of Liri when I saw some redwork items, I e-mailed her right away. Boy! Aren't cyber quilt friends great? And Liri had me thank Marsha too!

I watched the days go by and raised my bid a little each day. Yesterday afternoon I received this notice:

Someone outbid you; sorry you didn't win this time.

Hi Mary,
We're sorry you didn't win this time around. While this one got away, there's other stuff to find. Don't give up.
Quilt Pattern EARLY BIRD QUILT  1982
Quilt Pattern EARLY BIRD QUILT 1982
Sale price:$26.65
Your maximum bid:$15.00

Now mind you, my $15 bid was probably double what I paid back in the 80's. But $26.65?! Turns out there were 3 bidders besides me. So I will wait longer and maybe the chance will come along again. $26.65? For that price, I normally get a whole book.



  1. I thought maybe the $15 bid was as high as you went. I was watching it hoping you would be the high bidder. Sorry it wasn't you, but $26.65 seems outlandishly high! I will keep looking for you, maybe one will show up again!


  2. Hmmmm-----I'm thinking --- wouldn't it be great if it turns out that Theri was the "winner"?? Don't put your eggs in the basket yet though; I really doubt that happened! Sorry you missed out, but I certainly wouldn't have done it either! ---"Love"

  3. So sorry you didn't win your bid, but that price seems pretty steep. I bid on 4 items. I lost one so far, looks like I might get the other two and someone else is bidding on the fourth one. Thanks so much for the tip!


  4. I think people get carried away with else could you explain paying that much? I suppose it wasn't meant to be...

  5. Hopefully those chickens will show up again. I am keeping my eyes open. Next time the chickens will be yours.

  6. It would be great, but unfortunately untrue. I would have bid more than Mom to surprise her but $30 for a pattern which consists of a piece of paper is more than I am willing to pay... :( Sorry

  7. There's a trick to bidding on ebay Mary. Always bid at the last minute and bid once. Pick an odd number like $15.23. If it goes for more than you were prepared to pay then it was too expensive. Another one will come your way. Ann :-)

  8. Oh no! Well those must not be your chickies because that is really pricey. I hope you have better luck next time! ~Chrisitne

  9. Glad to hear you found the pattern, sorry to hear you didn't win the bid.

    You can place your "maximum" bid, and as others bid, it will automatically apply your bid. I think that is what happened on your first "outbid" experience!

    Don't give up. You'll get it yet... hmmm... I wonder if I should start watching for Singer Featherweights again... ah, dreaming!