Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The end of an era

I think we put the pool in the garden on Mother's Day in 1996. Dave and Theri were both still living north of Chicago and if I remember correctly, Dave did most of the digging. We started with six fifty cent goldfish and one died within a couple of days. But the rest flourished and multiplied...

This picture is from about 2002 and we had about four generations of goldfish. Looks a little crowded, doesn't it? I think our highest count was a total of 23 fish. This is only one end of the really wasn't this crowded.

Over the years, the population had dwindled down to thirteen and everybody always asked about the fish. The pool was located outside the large kitchen window, so friends always enjoyed watching while we had coffee and visited.

And the grandchildren always rushed to the pool to feed the fish when they came to visit.

The large fish were so tame at this point that Henry and Aimee could pet them.

Last summer a raccoon took nine of the fish before we were able to create a grid to protect them.

Today we found that the raccoon had come and finished the job. Sad to see them go, but somewhat relieved that I don't have to ask neighbors to check the water level or worse, clean the filter while we're away.

When we discovered a "water only" pool this morning, I agreed with my husband that we would NOT put more fish in the pool and it seemed silly to maintain the pool. He got busy and got the liner out really fast! Do you think he worried I'd change my mind?

So now I'll just wait and visit Theri and her garden pool in Texas!



  1. It's sad to say goodbye to the fish and pool, it sounds like it brought lots of good times. I bet it was a lot of work though. It's a beautiful garden, now time to think of what to do instead. It is so dry out here, I need to learn to garden differently. I have gone from having to garden in the cool, humid shade to figuring out how to do it in full, hot, dry sun.

  2. Awwww----I hate that you (the racoons??) did away with it! What fun memories it created! But I understand it's better not to have to ask neighbors to tend it, or even have to do it yourself. Glad you have the nice pictures! ---"Love"

  3. Raccoons...argh! But it seems you've come to terms with it and, like Love said, you'll always have the pictures and memories.

  4. Great pictures!! That is so sad they're all gone! At least you have the photos to remember ~Christine

  5. Beautiful garden and pool. It is sad to see them go, but you had years of enjoyment andwill keep fond memories ( and lovely photos).
    Thanks for sharing. I always wanted a pond like that but I do not think the fish would like the dogs much.

  6. Greedy racoon! Hope he has a tummy ache. Ann :-)

  7. Don't worry, guys! Mom still has the birds, the bunnies, the possum, the chipmunks and the hawks. She is not hurting for backyard wildlife. :) Theri

  8. I am a gardner, too. So sorry about your fish and little pond but, when something has to be changed in my garden, I look at it as an opportunity - even though I will miss what was there. If you are dealing with hot, dry & sun, seems to me it might be a good place for grasses, succulents and mountain plants. Lots of texture, shapes and colors there. You can really have fun with this!


  9. Your garden looks lovely. I'm sure you'll fill the empty space where the pool used to be with something just as lovely, but perhaps less appealing to wildlife vandals:) I can understand you'll miss the fish though!

  10. We had considered having one of these ponds at our old place...but we were concerned that the Cat Lady's cats would think we put out a buffet for them, so it never happened.
    Love your garden;)
    Happy Quilting!!