Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's in a name...

When I started on this journey of quilting, I decided that I would try all methods.

No prior judgments allowed.

No "I don't think I'd enjoy that".

Learn new things and try them all.

Are you chuckling or shaking your head yet? Let me introduce you to "Flying High"--the one and only machine applique quilt I will ever make. Maybe it should be "Flying High because it's done"?

And if I didn't have a grandson who has been so patiently waiting, I probably would not have finished.

Maybe it was part of the method. When I first try something, I stick with the directions and rarely deviate. Perhaps I should have reduced some of the layers in this one. I did very little quilting, because I felt that some sections were "stiff".

I am happy that Grandpa managed to create a picture with Henry as the astronaut captain. So we finished this one and move on to the next.

Any of you have a "boy, am I glad this one's done?"


  1. Hard to believe that you have a daughter that hardly ever reads directions, isn't it? :) Theri

  2. I think it's great that you're willing to try anything and everything. You learn more that way. And this quilt looks great to me. I'm sure your grandson will adore it, even more so that he is actually IN the quilt!

    And oh boy do I have a LIST of projects I'm glad they're done. Most of them because I always get sidetracked in the middle and don't like going back to finish them...quilter's ADD - I get it from my mom!

  3. Flying High is a great quilt. I love that your grandson is in the pilot's seat. I bet he will love that, too. The applique looks great and you learned a lot, even if it is you don't really enjoy doing it. So, on to the next project, hope you enjoy it more!


  4. It's a terrific quilt and I guess you won't know if you like something till you give it a try. I find when using fusible applique that if there are going to be lots of layer I only fuse around the edge, cutting out the centre section. Happy Stitching, Ann :-)

  5. Its such a fun quilt! Applique and I are not friends. I'd like to be, but we disagree. heheh. You did a great job :) Christine

  6. What a great kid's quilt! Good for you for trying different things. Like Ann said, you won't know if you like something until you try it. I've shied away from applique myself, though I admire other people's efforts, yours included. -Joanne

  7. What a fun quilt. Any kid would love it, the photo is such a great idea and makes it so personal.
    I understand the boy am I glad that is done. Any quilt that gives me fits falls into that category.
    I love the look of applique but I am still trying to figure out a method that I like actually doing. Fusing and hand blanket stitch is fun for me but I would love to be able to do needle turn well. sigh
    have a good one!

  8. That is one precious quilt! But even without the fusible stuff, I can see why it would be on a "Boy, I'm glad that one's done!" list. Your persistance is admirable! That grandson's picture will be something he will never forget! Any more grandsons????? *wink* ---"Love"