Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Early Bird

Look! I don't have to stand on my head after all...

After my posting, Theri asked if "the early bird eats
the worm" sounded familiar. Well, yeah, but that's not quite it either. Ta dah! She found this on Amazon...well, of course, why didn't I look there? Simple answer: she has more brain cells left than I do. The pattern (pamphlet) is no longer available, but you never know, I will probably keep checking. Now it is confirmed that it came out in 1982 (didn't I say the 80's?) and the authors/designers were Faye Anderson and Hank Parker.

I dragged the picture of my version back so that you would see how I changed the layout. Since this would be a wallhanging behind the sofa,

this shape was better for its location.

Isn't it funny how you can have something around for years and decide that you will move on and you've done enough of that "theme" for awhile? And since Alice's challenge of first quilts, I have realized I miss this silly thing. Just might have to locate a copy or draw it myself...

But this isn't the last of my chickens! My every day dishes have Rhode Island Reds on them...


  1. You should try e-bay. You would be amazed at the stuff you can find there... And now that you know what it's called and who published it, etc., you'll have a lot of search options (don't count on them all being there at once, or even being spelled right every time!). Good luck!

  2. As I read Katie's comment, I couldn't help but think about the saying, "Don't count your chickens before they're hatched!" But I'd bet you find the pattern somewhere with the info you have. ---"Love"

  3. I've been doing some searching online, too but didn't find as much info as Theri did. Yes, keep searching, it may turn up somewhere. I even searched for the printing company but they are closed now. It is an adorable pattern, worth looking for. Maybe you can use the picture and make a pattern of your own!


  4. I like the chickens too. I rather prefer your rearranged layout, too. Good luck with your search. -Joanne

  5. Glad you have the pttern info, I'll keep a look out, you never know what you might find. I prefer your layout too!

  6. Hello, I don't have the pattern package but do have the original QNM issue 145 that it came out in. Did you have any luck finding the pattern?