Friday, February 19, 2010

What she did for my birthday...

So, I must have really been on a roll complaining about the snow in Indiana, because this is what the card read:

Here's hoping that your snow filled garden soon looks like these sunny blooms! Happy Birthday!

Yes, Theri is not only multi-talented, but is a thoughtful best friend.

(Now, between you and me, wouldn't you be sick of looking at all that white stuff outside the window?!)

And both sons remembered to call. If you're the mother of both sexes, you will understand and be happy for me. And my grandchildren sang on the phone. At almost 5 and 7, this is a highlight of grandma's day. And none of the words were mumbled or rushed...a beautiful job.

Thursday morning (my big day) I awoke to find my little dog limping badly. So we had to go off to the vet and both of us hate this trip. Tux goes all over (I mean everywhere) with me, but get him within a quarter mile of the vet or the groomer and he starts shaking. And then I feel like this MEAN mom--I did better when I had little kids. Geez.... Well, he is twelve now and I have to admit that I do worry. Have you ever been lucky enough to have a dog that is excited to see you every morning? But hopefully the pills we are trying will be the answer, or we head back for x-rays next week. So I spent most of the afternoon being quiet, checking all kinds of blogs and watching him sleep. And no bad news is a gift of its own!

My husband took me out for my favorite rib dinner. Meat that melts in your mouth! He gave me the choice of ribs or steak...I chose ribs. You need to know that Fred has a restaurant with a filet that he thinks is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, you name it. BUT, my birthday was on Thursday and ribs are the "special" at the other place on Thursday only. Is that a no brainer for you? It certainly was easy for me! When he told me that turning down this steak meant it was gone forever, I said I could go any night. His reply was "listen to Miss Money Bags"! Silly man...all you have to do is cook some lite meals for a few nights and he'll offer again.

Look! My books came today! Like I really need more. I probably have enough "quilt wishes" to last 3 lifetimes. As long as I am good about not going out and immediately buying more fabric, I should be okay. And when I went to JoAnn's I was really good about buying needles only. I read on one of my yahoo groups that they are recommending topstitch needles for quilting because of the depth of the layers. Might come in handy for "Flying High" with all the applique pieces.

And here's a picture of our pal helping with the new
books. Next time I'll send a pic of the cute end!

And here's my gift to you! Have you ever heard of the "Quilt Whisperer"? Her name is Carla Barrett and this is an incredible slide show of her work. Just click and enjoy...


  1. I am not sure if you got the birthday greetings left on Theri's blog for you so.. Happy (belated) Birthday. So sorry the pup was limping and had to go to the dreaded vet. Sounds like the rest of your day was good. Pretty flowers (and I know what you mean about being sick of looking at the snow).
    I love that log cabin book, I will give in and get it one day. The scrap one I haven't seen, looks good.
    Happy sewing,hope the snowmelts, and hope the dog gets well without further treatment.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm sure Theri is just as wonderful a daughter/best friend as she is a quilt artist, and that's VERY good! I know you are proud of her!
    Hope your cute little dog gets well soon!
    Probably all of us would enjoy those two books.
    Thanks so much for sharing that Quilt Whisperer link; WHAT A QUILT SHOW! ---"Love"

  3. Happy Birthday Wishes! Your flowers are delightful in those sunny colours. Those books look full of interesting projects = you can never have too many, honest! I hope you puppy is well again soon. Ann :-)

  4. Happy Birthday! Those flowers make my day a little brighter just looking at them - we've got a lot of that "white" stuff (more like brown and icky after plowing) here, too.

    I hope your sweet doggie is feeling better soon.

  5. I love the flowers, sooooo colorful for snowy weather. Spring is coming!

    Hope your little dog is feeling much better, too.


  6. Happy birthday!!! I hope your puppy dog is feeling better. I agree with the ribs, by the way- YUM! Thank you for sharing the link to the quilt whisperer- her work is stunning :) Christine

  7. hi Mary, Oh the flowers look like spring! Hope you little friend get better really soon, they are such good friend and a big part of the family. The judy martin books that you have got are really good boods, my friend Kathryn have them and is making two quilt now and turning out good, I have got one cut out and ready to do, but got to finish my three that Ive got going first. I found a place on the enternet to order them, and I have order 5 more books and none was over $5.00. Well anyway thanks for your comment, I have routine going on my days, so it work out pretty good, but if something goes wrong ,them it kind of mess thing up and don't get as much done. connie