Saturday, February 13, 2010

Colorful and bright!

Since I last posted, I decided that the layout for the sewing room (aka dining room) just wasn't working the way I thought it would. A couple of years ago I read several postings to a Yahoo sewing group about choosing a room in your home that was dedicated to your sewing. How many of us have used the kitchen table, a corner of the living room, whatever? Many told of using an extra bedroom once the children started leaving. I was already using one of the extra bedrooms and it was not light/bright enough. And I knew there was no way I would talk my husband into moving out of the master bedroom!

That led to choosing the dining room. That sort of worked for awhile... But the layout and my sewing habits just made it seem (and it was) cluttered most of the time. AND I found myself jumping from one project to another---with nothing getting finished. Same room, new idea!

The design walls were on two adjacent walls. Just plain dumb! Now that they are on the same wall, they will hold separate projects or one big quilt. These "walls" are simply 8'x4'x2" insulation sheets (1 ft. cut off the top) with white fleece for coverings. The fleece is simply draped over and can be removed for washing. Quilt designs stick to them quite nicely and only need pinning to the boards once they are sewn and get heavier. So they remain portable and could be transferred to the garage or another room if I really need the dining room.
Fat chance!

The cutting table will only have the leaves open when I am actually cutting; it took a lot of space. This made a tremendous difference. In the first configuration, this was completely open and it became a catchall. Plus, there was a small ironing board on top. Now, I walk about 20 feet to the laundry room to press and this also helps me get the exercise I need on snowy days.

The sewing machines are on the trestle table, although I may put the embroidery machine away unless I want it out for a specific use. The fat quarters, etc. are in plastic storage pins under the table with larger cuts stored in the hutch.

Bet you're thinking "this will never last", but I've been working on the "Flying High" quilt all week and the room still looks good. Maybe this old dog learned a new trick?!



  1. What fantastic quilts on your design walls! Your space looks so neat and tidy, too. It sounds like you've got a good system worked out for yourself and I know that helps keep me motivated to tidy up frequently.

  2. I love your quilts, especially the "Flying High" one. It is so colorful and the hot air balloon and space shuttle are great!

    I'm jealous of your space. My sewing area is a former bedroom. I share the space with the computer, a desk, a bookcase and a dresser. My husband uses the closet for his clothes and stuff. So I actually can say my sewing machine is in the "office" space! It works OK though. I get my exercise by walking to the kitchen to cut and press. I need that because I wouldn't get up and moving if it was too close by.


  3. The sewing room layout looks really good, and I like your idea for the design walls. I may have to check into that! I LOVE that twisted triangle quilt. I fell in love with it when Theri first showed us your block on APQ. I just had not connected it to YOU until just now. I want to hear more about that some time. ---"Love"

  4. I love your design walls and the quilts on them. Your sewing area is so neat and tidy. I think I better follow your lead and drop the sides down when I am not cutting because it does seem like it is always collecting "stuff".

  5. Thanks for your comment! My sewing room is in my spare bedroom it work out pretty good, we took out 1/2 of a closet and I put my cutting table there and all i have to do is slide it out , MY ironing board is the kind that hang on the door and it go up when not in use. I do have a day bed in here because when I have all of my grandchildren I use all of my bed room and our dinning is a busy place on Sunday. I love your quilts. HAPPY SEWING!

  6. I am fortunate to have a dedicated sewing room, albeit a small one, so keeping it tidy is imperative. Making the best of what you have seems to be working just right for you! Ann :-)

  7. Very nice space. Mine is in the corner of the family room/office, and the cutting table is the kitchen table upstairs. However, I've moved up from lugging the sewing machine from the bedroom closet to the kitchen table every time I want to sew, and I've added a piece of batting on the wall as a design wall, so I'm heading in the right direction! Enjoy your organized space! I really like the two quilts on your design boards. -Joanne