Sunday, January 31, 2010

Can I call this the first?

This wallhanging hung in our family room for years and was the basis for many conversations about how "Mom" could get back at her brother...

Many, many years ago (I think I was 5 years old and my brother 10) my folks bought baby chicks at Easter. We played with those cute, fluffy birds like they were puppies or kittens. And then they started getting older... One day my brother made a deal with me and said that I could have his chicken too, but that I had to take all the turns at dishwashing after dinner plus I had to pay him several weeks of my allowance. Can't remember how long this was, but I'm sure at that age it felt like forever. And I was so excited that they were both mine!

And a few days later they disappeared... My mother said that the garbage man had a wonderful farm and the chickens (now much larger and not so cute any more) would live happily ever after. I was devastated and still paying! Do you think my brother heard my folks talking after I went to bed?

It took a few years, but I got older and're thinking a little slow, right? Anyway, as I looked at this wallhanging, I would envision sending a whole crate of chickens to my brother. We had many laughs over how we could do this, but alas, I could not be that cruel to the poor chickens. By now, you see, my brother's family pet was a doberman...

I do remember buying the directions for this when we were on vacation sometime in the late eighties. It may have been a lap quilt because it was originally taller and narrow. I had to move chickens around to get the look I wanted...and then "stuffed" them and put those silly little eyes that move around on each chicken. I did know enough to do some crosshatching in the borders.

I did not save the wallhanging when we moved a few years ago. It was smoke stained (I quit a year ago) and I didn't feel it could be salvaged. But if anyone finds a copy of the directions, I would stand on my head to get it!



  1. That is an adorable wall hanging, I would love that pattern, too. I grew up on a farm in east central Illinois and we had chickens. I don't know why they picked on me, but they did. My brother and sisters could run and play in the feed lot and they wouldn't bother them. I would walk very quietly, not bothering them and they would chase me. My favotite event was when my dad would kill a couple of them and mom would clean them, then we had fresh fried chicken for dinner. Mmmmmmmm good! ! ! I learned a lot of good lessons on the farm.

    Anyway, love the chickens on the wall hanging and hope you can find the pattern againj!


  2. Great story!! Ahh the things we older siblings do to our younger siblings. My brother got the privilege of being my best friend and my servant for a penny!

    I love the wall hanging and the googly eyes! I hope you can find your pattern. :) Christine

  3. This reminds me of the seagulls in "Finding Nemo". I always felt bad for that poor worm... :) Theri

  4. Great story, fun quilt! I have an older brother too... -Joanne

  5. Very cute chickens! I'm sorry the quilt hasn't made it to see your posting today, but good for you quitting smoking!

    I don't have the pattern, but if I find it for you, would you wash the dishes for me every night instead of standing on your head? :)

  6. I do love family stories, it is a wonderful to have story to tell. As we are getting older all the stuff we did as kids bring back alot of memory, I know my sister and I can do alot of talking. Thanks for your comment and if all goes well the tablerunner be quilted ths week, It all depend on how many of my grandchildren I will have and of couse they come first. Have a great week and happy sewing!

  7. Raising chickens was in my childhood days too. Daddy entered his "Barred Plymouth Rocks" in area shows, and usually came home with a ribbon! What a prize that quilt would be! Hope someone finds the pattern! ---"Love"

  8. Such cute chickens! And what a great story. I have a friend that has been quilting 30 years I will see if she might have the pattern, if I do come across it I will let you know.
    Congrats on quitting smoking, I quit 26 years ago and I still remember how hard it was.

  9. It's a terrific wallhanging! Love the theme. Ann :-)

  10. Love the wallhanging. Love Love the story.

    I had chickens growing up, and was fortunate enough when we bought our home that it was rated Agricultural and we could have animasl. We have had lots of different chickens over the years, but now we have 6 layers. They've been spooked by raccoons (we had 17 chicks, when we ordered 6), and are not laying presently.


  11. Love the wall hanging and the story! We had chickens when I was growing up, too. Most of them were white leghorns but we had some Rhode Island Reds and Plymouth Rocks also. Congrats on quitting smoking. I am in my sixth week, having tried to quit numerous times before, maybe I will succeed this time. Have you considered asking Theri if she could redraw the design, or at least the chickens? I am assuming they were appliqued.