Saturday, June 26, 2010

Clicking on a link...

Or how your blogging friends can get you into trouble! First Joanne sent us to the Blogger's Quilt Festival--and I spent two evenings and viewed 200+ quilts. And a couple of days later, Katie showed us her quilt and recommended that we view the quilts... Having already looked, I thought "well, maybe a few more have been added". Yeah, many more! And THAT sent me back to the quilt that had been lingering in my mind... This had special meaning for me and caused a shift in thinking--even about ordinary every day events.

This quilt design is from Piece N Quilt and I immediately sent an e-mail requesting the pdf file. I also noted that she did not have the Moda Half Moon charm pack. (In the meantime, I thought of another color combination when I found the Cherish Nature charm pack... You can tell I'm getting into trouble, right?)

I stopped counting how many hours I had spent searching on the internet for these charm packs on the second day. One pack came from Utah and the other from Michigan. Maybe I should have called Katie to help track it down? And the pdf file still hadn't come... So I went online and ordered the backing fabric from Piece N Quilt and mentioned I hadn't received the file. Then it quickly arrived, but I am sure she had her hands full with the Quilter's Festival.

I decided to use red with the black/white version and happily went off to the local quilt shop for the white for borders and sashings. Then I remembered the fabric from Mary Jo's Cloth Store! Perfect! The half yard I got from the Robert Kaufman Fusion line was great. Shades of blended reds that make you take a second look. But I only had half of what I needed--no problem. Just go online and order! I was delighted when I located the color and quickly placed the order... NOW I was on my way and started cutting and working on what I had on hand. Are you shaking your head and doubting my wisdom yet?

And I worked some more while waiting for my extra fabric....

And the package arrived!

And I opened it!

And never trust your monitor for color...or at least pay attention to the name of the color!
Maybe I thought it said "flamenco" and not "flamingo"? I obviously was not using my brain at all! This fabric is a beautiful raspberry color, but....

So back on the phone with one of the delightful ladies in customer service at MJ's. And since there are four shades of red in the fusion line, I sent off a sample. And a few days later they called to tell me that "my" color is back ordered.

(And yes, I have to eliminate one row on the black/white/red version--I can't count either!)

I have moved on to the Cherish Nature charm pack. What do you think? Hopefully, I'll get them done this year!

And no, Theri, I am NOT going to publish my UFO list...



  1. I think I need to schedule a trip home to count UFO's!!!

  2. Mary, I love that quilt, both colors. Is it fusion in red that is back ordered? I think we have it in stock. I am working tomorrow. I will check. Email me the information that you have and how much you need and I'll see if I can get you your fabric now. :)

  3. That is a fantastic quilt. I like both versions. Unfortuantely your monitor does not give you an accurate indication of colour.

  4. That's a really cute quilt! You are making two versions, correct? One with blue and one with red? Both will be beautiful!


  5. I like both quilts and the colors. Connie

  6. Troubling, and fun;) Love the quilt idea and the versions you are doing. UFO's keep the mind at attention;)
    Happy Quilting!!