Saturday, June 26, 2010

Deer's Mill Bridge

Just for fun photos that I thought you might like to see!

My husband is part of an online panorama group and he went to Montgomery County yesterday to take photographs for their current project. The above photo shows the original bridge built in 1878 and the newer bridge currently used for traffic. It takes a series of pictures that are then "stitched" together in software to make these panoramas.

I'm including additional photos for those of you who have never been able to visit one of these old bridges and see the workmanship involved. And a few more just for fun!

This is a ceiling shot...

All this water is usually not much more than a stream, but with all the rain we've had (you can tell how green it is), the water level is really high.

Sure wish some of this rain we've had could be moved just a little south to help our Texas friends and family...

Enjoy your weekend! Mary


  1. Oh that bridge is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures! :)

  2. Lovely pictures! We don't have many covered bridges in this area. And yes, we could certainly use some of the rain from up there. The weatherman said tonight, maybe Monday and Tuesday! YEAAAAA!!! (Let's pray!) My water bill and electric bill both almost doubled this month! Got them today and almost went into cardiac arrest! ---"Love"

  3. Just like the ones in the film Bridges of Madison County. It's wonderful that they are maintained. Ann :-)

  4. Hey, we have bridges like that in Lancaster County, PA. So, while hubby was out taking pictures, what were you doing? LOL


  5. That makes me remember the covered bridge near where I grew up...I wonder if it's still there? It was foot traffic only last time I was there and nowhere near as big and fancy as this one, but it was fun to visit and see the handwork that had gone into making it. Fantastic pictures, by the way!

  6. Even though I live in Illinois, I've never been to see any of the Indiana bridges. A thought for a weekend trip. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Connie