Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A new favorite...YUM!!!

See the van parked in front of the middle store? Yep, that's mine. And I'm in there often enough that the manager recognizes me. The last 5 packages I sent out have tasty goodies included! Enlarge the picture and you'll find that Fannie May candy is situated between a vitamin shop and a denture dental clinic...too funny!

I received an e-mail from Marsha saying that she had received her package yesterday, so I figured I'd better get online today to share the second half of the packages I received in June. Bad me, I know... Theri has reminded me several times that I have not blogged since the end of June. I do apologize to all of you who weren't previously mentioned and it is time to "catch up". I have kept track--you've been very busy. I thank you all and now I'll show the rest of my goodies:

Marsha's blocks came with her ornament and a pattern. She and Katie may be hinting that I need to work on something smaller so that a project gets done? I'm in agreement and thinking the same thing!

By the way, I have taken this shot into Paint Shop and rotated 3 times...it still comes up this way, so I will have to accept that I need practice. I even used SnagIt and came up with this same rotation. I give!!!

What a contrast when Karen's blocks came....don't you love the polka dot border? Hmmm...that picture came out right?!

And Kathleen's blocks with fabric to add to the stash. One of the major things I learned with this swap is to "think outside the box". These fabrics are wild & great! I think I became a little less conservative as time went on...

It took me a few minutes to even open Ann's package because I was SO amazed at the number of stamps on the package! A lovely magazine and yummy chocolates for a good cause. Aren't the borders beautiful?

First, Christine sent blocks...and then another package. Another lovely magazine (one I've never checked out before) and a "deckle cut" rotary cutter.
It took me awhile to figure this one out....

Remember her cute note included with a baby gift with instructions for washing? This was the paper cutter she used for the edge!

And Liri sent 2 packages too. Lovely blocks, fabric, buttons, and her gorgeous embroidery. And little chicken salt & pepper shakers.

Later, she sent a box of great finds from her "searches".

Many of these crafts are hard to find these days.

And alas, another picture on its side! Maybe "blogger" is trying to tell me that I have run on enough?

Once again, I thank you all for your wonderful packages.

And since I already know what the next blog will be...I will not be away so long! Mary


  1. Welcome back to blogland! I thought we were mostly done with swap goodies, so this was an extra treat. And I'm so glad you're back.

  2. So glad to hear from YOU!!! Don't stay away so long we miss you. Can't wait for that next post now that you teased.

  3. Mary, you have lots of great goodies and lots of ideas and supplies for new projects! It's good to hear from you again. I'm looking forward to your next post, too.

  4. Well, I missed you, too! Glad you liked all the goodies.


  5. I was thinking about you just a couple of nights ago, wondering what you've been up to. Opening packages full of pretties, obviously! Lucky you! Looking forward to what you share next. ---"Love"

  6. It's so nice to see you back in blogland. I'll be cghecking back for that next post... -Joanne

  7. What a funny place for the candy store! Perhaps it's designed to make you feel guilty? I'm so pleased you liked your blocks and goodies. Sorry about all the stamps but they increased the price and the post office wanted to use up all the old price stamps. ann...

  8. Fannie Mae--oh boy, does that bring back memories. Growing up in the Chicago area, Fannie Mae was THE candy. If you went to visit anyone, you always brought a box of Fannie Mae candy.

  9. Isn't that funny, Ann is so right. I have lived in the Chicago Area all of my life. When you need something special and can't think of anything else you give Fannie Mae. Your packages are all terrific. Have fun with them. Connie204

  10. What a great bunch of goodies you've got! I've never had Fannie Mae's but I am certainly intrigued. My husband know's all about it since he went to school in Chicago, but being confined to the western states my whole life I must be missing out on something. I guess maybe it would be the equivalent of See's candies, which dominates our local market, but you can never try enough chocolates. Enjoy all those goodies!

  11. Hahah! Love the candy shop!! In my town there is a Weight Watchers smack dab between a bakery and a pizzeria! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed your blocks and goodies

  12. Welcome back, I have been away from blogging also. I just needed a break when the grandchildren was out of school. thanks for your comment, it was fun putting some of mt craft in the fair entries. The blocks are very pretty! Have a blessful week!

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