Sunday, June 20, 2010

A BIG box and a smaller package

First, the smaller package. Remember when Theri showed a bunch of blocks and asked which ones she should send to Mom? Hmm... Guess I should have answered because all of these showed up!

Five of them are complete with the info we are supposed to add. The sixth block says "from your darling daughter" and then "to my marvelous Mom". Which one is definitely going in the quilt? Oh, who can choose? Maybe all of them!

I think I told you awhile back that I had promised Theri that we would come to Texas in November for the Houston Quilt Show. My side of the family is notorious for being procrastinators and I have put her off for a long time with "maybe next year". One of the first things I did when I found out that we were losing my brother to cancer was to call Theri and start making plans.

One of my concerns was that this show is SO huge. I have COPD and I wondered about rest areas and how to drag packages around. Yep! Putting $$$ away for this adventure. When Theri and I were at Mary Jo's Cloth Store, I told her of seeing a shopper with a walker with a built-in seat the first day I had been there. No, I don't need a walker, but the seat looked pretty handy!

A couple of weeks ago, Theri called and said that a box was coming--but she wouldn't say what!
Look what showed up:

Yeah, no make-up, laundry on a chair (halfway to the linen closet), but the UPS truck was outside! (And yes, the framed Santa cross stitch w/beading is still on the wall because it cost so much to have it framed this last December that I am going to enjoy it for awhile yet!)

Is this a perfect fit? Did you
see the size of the bag? Wow,
we can fill it and push it around
with ease....

She found it at Amazon and it
is called StylishALL. It can also double as
a luggage rack...

Don't I have a wonderful daughter?



  1. Well, you look pretty good for no makeup! And you could have passed that laundry off as quilty stuff and noone would have ever questioned you! What a wonderful gift Theri sent you. It's a great idea - I have no health excuses but would have liked to have one of those at the Chicago show last year. (Of course, I was the one with the backpack full of purchases, so I'll say that's why my mom was still going when I wanted to sit down!) You'll have so much fun! I know it's a ways off yet, but don't forget your camera...we expect pictures!

  2. Wow, very cool present and a very thoughtful daughter! That is a great idea with the chair and bag to stash lots of stuff. That should be just the thing to give you some rest areas during the show. It sounds like a wonderful Mom/Daughter trip to the quilt show, can't wait to hear all about it. I have to get my blocks into the mail for you, they are all done, just getting to the post office is the thing. I have to go look up that chair, it is so interesting!

  3. Carpe diem! How much stuff do you think that bag will hold? :) Theri

  4. The brochure says 250 lbs. for the seat (that should fit you & me) and 45 lbs. for the bag/trolley. What will you carry YOUR stuff in? Mom

  5. What a neat little rig! I've seen lots of different things at big shows, but never have I seen that one! Yep, you do have a thoughtful and talented daughter, who obviously loves her mom very much. Lucky you! (I have sons, and they never think of such neat things for mom! "wink") ---"Love"

  6. That's a superb combo for taking to the quilt show. You know, if it had wheels on the front Theri could push you around while you had hands free for shopping. Cheers, Ann :-)

  7. What a wonderful surprise. I am glad that you will be going to that show. Now you are all set. I must say having your own "rest area" will be a great thing at the show. A couple of years ago at the Chicago show there were no seats so I sat on the floor for a littel rest. I gotta tell you, I forget that I am getting old... I can get down easily it is the getting up that is trouble. LOL. Love your swap blocks too.

  8. Love the chair! With my feet, I wish I could have a chair to just sit down with sometime's when I am out.
    I read your last post....what a bunch of pretty blocks you have now;) And the extra ones from your daughter are going to make the whole thing that much more historical;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  9. Quilt show, shopping, cart on wheels, and a chair to go with it? Who could ask for anything more!


  10. Watch out Houston! You are going to clean them out! Have a great time and enjoy your blocks :) Christine