Sunday, May 16, 2010

A bright spot on a dreary day...

We have lived outside of Indianapolis for about fifteen years and have rarely (maybe 3 times) had bluebirds come to check our birdhouses for living quarters.

We were jealous when we were in North Carolina because they are all over my brother's neighborhood.

But luck was with us when we got home! They didn't stay, but my hubby was fast enough to get some wonderful shots before they flew away...

There are two houses that would have been much more appropriate, but no...
they picked the old
dilapidated "chalet" that we had planned on replacing. But a wren
had moved
in and we love listening to him!

Well, I obviously need to practice with adding pictures since I got back!

Now I'll add just a couple more. I've been going thru my books for two days and cannot find this little fellow in the lower pictures...he's new to our yard, but maybe you know who he is?



  1. Oh, I wish those bluebirds would stay! I think your buddy is a white-crowned sparrow. (Which is on pg. 340 of that book you got me at Christmas!) Maybe you will have more soon! :) Theri

  2. The bluebirds are so pretty, too bad they didn't stay but maybe they will be back!

  3. I love that photo of the bluebird in flight. Maybe now that you've had some, you'll get more? -Joanne

  4. Very cool that you get visitors like that. We hung out a hummingbird feeder a couple of weeks ago and are now getting regular visits from them.
    Happy Quilting!!

  5. Oh wow! They really are blue! Ann :-)

  6. The bluebirds are sooo pretty. Maybe they will be back. My dogs think birds are really cool, sadly the birds do not think much of my dogs so we don't get many feathered visitors. I am thinking of getting a birdbath for the front yard away from dog territory.

  7. I've never had blue birds here, but would love to! I have sparrows (at least that's what I call them) with the striped head, but I hadn't noticed the gray band and throat; don't know what yours is. Being the bird lover she is, Theri's probably right. Whatever, ENJOY! ---"Love"

  8. Wow those shots are amazing!! Hope they stick around for you :) Christine