Sunday, April 25, 2010

I found it!

I have been looking for pictures of this quilt I finished in 2006 forever. Darn! I sometimes hate this "age" thing creeping in. Found the disc today while looking for something else...

It is based on an Atkinson design called Country Lanes. On one of our visits to see Theri in Dallas, we walked into a quilt shop and there it was. She loves to take me to new (or favorite) shops whenever we go down. Always costs me money!And it is the first quilt that I bought ALL the fabric on the spot. Not for just one, but two!

A neighbor always took care of the fish pond for me--even on the summer trips when cleaning the filter was no pleasant task. Pretty yucky, actually. When I said who it was for, Theri told me that I could certainly bring her a "thank you" gift that didn't cost quite this much! But I went ahead (and the extra set was for hubby because I knew he would love it). The neighbor had said how much she and her daughter loved sitting in our swing and enjoyed the time together and the garden...I thought this might provide a pleasant memory for the favor!

Don't you just love the flowered panels?

And I pushed myself to sit and practice digitizing a quilting design for the embroidery machine. I used a transparent thread on the flowered blocks so that it would not distract from the design. Don't know if you'll see much from this back view.

A friend watched it's progress and kept saying "if she doesn't want it, I do!" Think that was a heavy hint?

So now that I've found the pictures AND the pattern, do you think it's time I got around to the one for us?

Let's see...near the top or the bottom of the list?



  1. Beautiful quilt! I thought maybe those flowers were photos you transferred - they look so real. And yes, it IS time you worked on the one for yourself now.

  2. Wow, those fussy cut flowers do look like photos from your garden! I'm sure this quilt was very much appreciated by those who appreciated your gardening skiils too.

  3. Mary, your quilt is beautiful! The flowers are so pretty! This is an amazing quilt and I'm sure your neighbor really enjoys it. I think it is time for this one to be at the top of your list so you and your husband can enjoy it, too.

  4. That is a fantastic design. No surprise that you bought the materials on the spot or that your neighbour coveted it. Perhaps it is time to start on Number 2. Cheers, Ann :-)

  5. Oh, love that pattern, it can be used in so many ways and the quilt is love at first sight. Can I get in line for one, since you are making another one anyway?


  6. That quilt is just beautiful. The flowers look like they just came from the garden. I like the whole design. I think maybe you should move #2 to the top of your list, then you can have a garden all year round.

  7. Very pretty quilt. Love the flowers--like bringing the garden inside.

  8. AGE What that (WINK). Thanks for dropping bye.... I am feeling better but I do have an appointment with the gastro dr. Hope every thing will be ok. Your quilt is beautiful, your friend is so lucky...... Yep, you need to do for you and the hubby to cozy up in..... I really like that patterm, I would like to try the fussy cut design sometime. Happy sewing!

  9. I'll take one too, while the hints are being passed out;) LOL;) No really,it's a wonderful quilt;) I love wildflowers, but don't purchase many prints like this. Go figure;)
    Happy Quiltin!!

  10. I love flowers, and those on your quilt are beautiful! I think any of US would enjoy one! *wink* ---"Love"